To make life a little easier for you, we’ve designed a PDF file which you can download and fill in digitally. This document will help you assess the value of your house contents to be able to source the right insurance package.

Download the Contents Value Guide form, please click here.

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The value you choose should represent the full value of your contents as new at the time of loss or damage. This means that no amount for depreciation needs to be taken into account as values are on a “New for Old” basis. The only exception to this rule is clothing and linen where an amount should be deducted to reflect wear and tear.

Valuables refer to jewellery or other articles of gold, silver or other precious metals, stones, watches, furs, pictures, paintings or others works of art, collections of stamps, coins or medals etc.

Any jewellery and other valuables insured under Personal belongings cover should be excluded. Individual valuable items over EUR500 are subject to valuation. If any item exceeds 5% of total value of contents or €1,165.00 whichever is the lower, it has to be disclosed separately.