The hospitality and the leisure industry has always been an important revenue source for the Maltese Islands. Substantial investments have and are still being made and these need to be protected, not only to cover the possible material damage and liabilities, but also business continuity.

From a small coffee shop to a 5-star hotel, all businesses are exposed to risk, whether it is a fire, theft or malicious damage risk, or the risk of injury to guests, patrons or other third parties. Business continuation is also a very important factor to consider. A material loss could lead to closure of the business for a period of time until repairs are affected. Alternative premises sourced and running expenses (wages, rent and others) still continue throughout this period which can be insured.

Locally we have recently seen an increase in the number of one-off, annual or regular events varying from concerts to competitions and parties. Event organizers invest substantial amount of time and money to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and also take a number of precautions. However, not everything is foreseeable.

We can source and organize event insurance with a wide range of covers, from third party liability to event cancellation following adverse weather, national mourning or the non-appearance of a key person. The extent of cover and premium depends largely on the nature of the event, the time of the year and the expected attendance.

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