Buying a boat, no matter whether it’s a superyacht or sailing boat or a smaller speed boat, is like investing in a dream and it might mean you’re out at sea as often as possible, chasing the waves, soaking up the sun rays and of course living the dream.

You’ve also most likely spent a small, or possibly not so small, fortune on purchasing your boat and equally spending quite a large amount on maintainence and use every year. The point is, it’s a big investment and given the unpredictability of the sea and life in general, it’s definitely something you’ll need insurance for.

Thomas Smith Group has been in the shipping industry for 170 years, that means that we work alongside and also take great personal interest in the maritime industry and all its aspects. What this means for you is that you can enjoy access to expert insurance guidance and also useful marine insight as well.

We’ll talk you through the process, understand more about the type of boat that you’re looking to insure and then we’ll troll the local and overseas insurance market for the best insurance options that tick all the right boxes and also offer you the most competitive pricing.

If you use your boat for your own and your family’s pleasure you’ll most likely be looking for a private pleasure craft policy however for the larger yachts and superyachts, we can organise more specialised insurance in the form of hull & machinery and protection & indemnity to give you all round cover, including crew liability.

There’s no better match for your boat insurance than a company that feels comfortable not only sourcing your insurance cover, but also conducting business across the oceans. Because we know how boats run, we also know how to help you when you are faced with a problem or an accident, bringing you full circle to your reason for purchasing the insurance initially.