If you operate a Large Manufacturing, Import or Retail Business we will ensure to obtain an insurance solution tailor made for your requirements. In addition to the covers included in the insurance for SMEs, typical covers to be considered would include:

1. Personal Accident insurance

A benefit policy which pays out a weekly sum if an insured person is injured at work or after hours (depending on the level of cover chosen), and also pays out a lump sum in the event of permanent disability, to varying levels.

2. Electronic Equipment Insurance

A specific policy designed for today’s electronic equipment such as computers, peripherals, telephone systems and other equipment on which we have come to depend so much.

3. Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This insurance provides cover for breakdown or accidental damage to machinery.

4. Deterioration of Stock

This insurance policy covers loss or damage to frozen or refrigerated stocks in the event of breakdown of the refrigeration machinery.

5. Fidelity Insurance

This policy covers you in the event of one or more of your employees misappropriating cash or stock, subject to adequate action and control systems being in place.

6. Tool of Trade Liability

This liability policy caters for equipment which is registered for road use, but not covered by a motor policy whilst being used as a tool of trade. Examples include mobile cranes and fork-lift trucks.

If you’re unsure of which policy and level of cover you should opt for, the best way to move forward is to discuss it through with us. You can contact us by clicking here.