When it comes to insurance for the world of aviation, your insurance broker should keep the process simple; listen, understand, source, advise and follow through in case of any claims that might arise. If you’re the owner of an aircraft or you are running an aviation related business, we’ll be your guide on sourcing competitive packages to suit your checklist of insurance policies.

A typical aviation policy would contain hull cover to insure the aircraft itself, third party liability to protect the owner for their liabilities towards third parties in the event of an accident, and passenger liability to cover the passengers on board.

Over the years we have sourced and provided various insurance packages for aviation clients including the compulsory third party liability. In certain cases however it has been more beneficial for an aircraft owner to purchase comprehensive cover in the form of a combined policy, including hull cover as well as third party liability. In addition one could also opt to insure the crew for personal accident.

Cover can be based on ground risk only (e.g. for an aircraft that is laid up for some time), ground risk in motion (which allows for taxiing as well as storage) or full cover for storage and while in use.

Aviation insurance is a specialised subject and there are only some companies in the insurance market that offer this type of cover. We recommend that you contact us as a broker and let us source the best deal for you.

If you are willing to keep your aviation business running smoothly, all you need to do is to discuss your plans with us and we’ll be able to guide you on which policies most satisfies your requirements. You can contact us by clicking here.